Satellite Weather


Exhibit: Satellite Weather
Venue: Phaeno Science Centre
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany
Date: Opening 2005
Client: Ansel Associates
Contributors: Mystus, Ansel Associates

Visitor Experience: The visitor will be available to view satellite imagery of weather patterns using images taken every 30 minutes or 2 hours. They will also be able to choose between looking at the patterns over the planet or just over Europe, centered on Germany. Additional information in the software allows the visitor to view videos and get information on specific weather events such as hurricanes, floods or tornadoes.

Mystus Expertise: Mystus is getting the latest images from an FTP site on a daily basis and having the software process them and include them in the program automatically. The kiosk will also be hooked up to a projector and projected onto a 10 foot wide screen.

Unique Features: Every day this computer based exhibit will download the latest satellite images from the web and use them to keep the exhibit up to date.

*Project Challenges: Coordinating the production of the images and having them uploaded regularly.