Mystus Exhibits

Mystus Exhibits designs, prototypes and fabricates science phenomena based exhibits, primarily for science museums. Owner and director, Matthew Bates, has been creating science museum exhibits since 1981. Mystus Exhibits is a division of Point of View Exhibitions.

Science phenomena exhibit development requires some special considerations. Rarely do we do the same thing twice exactly. Each exhibit requires a rigorous prototyping and design cycle to uncover what really works, both for the visitor experience and for durability. Exhibits most often use the full gamut of multidisciplinary expertise – mechanics, electronics, microprocessors, machining, cabinetry and often including computer and media elements.

Mystus has developed a language of exhibit-making for interactives. Science museum exhibits can often stand alone without words. They are marker point experiences, that is, experiences that visitors refer back to in their daily lives at school, work or home. They provide insight.