Phaeno Science Center

16 Science Phenomena Interactives

Phaeno Science CenterMystus was trusted to develop concepts never before exhibited in the science museum world, a talent that has become a bit of a trademark for our work in science museums. The requirement was for development within design guidelines set out by Ansel Associates, the exhibition coordinators, of exhibits that captured the phenomenon of 16 difficult concepts. Phaeno Science Center 2The deliverable was a turnkey installed set of robust standalone exhibits. The requirement was met on time and on budget.

Phaeno Science Center 3Each exhibit is distinct in content and unique in the visitor experience. Each evokes that aha! experience in their own way. Many of the exhibits created have a software component – an expertise where Mystus is a leading provider in the museum world. Many also relied on complicated electronics and mechanical development. Several exhibits deal with various aspects of the Earth’s climate. Others illustrate principal concepts in astronomical observation, traffic flow, learning dynamics, weightlessness, feedback systems, human collision impact, population growth and language evolution.

Phaeno Science Center 4Phaeno Science Center 5

Date:     August, 2005

Skills:   Design, Protoyping, Fabrication,

Programming, Installation