One Man, One Year, One Garden

… is a project to grow enough food in a year to feed one person for a year. It can’t be that hard, right? Aiyyyy, wrong! This is the story of my journey. I’m making this a public record because it has been difficult at times to find information along the way. Lord knows there’s a ton of gardening books and websites and videos. But, surprisingly, gardening to feed yourself is different. It’s different from hobby gardening. It’s different from farming. It’s different from market gardening.
I should add that a big part of the project has been developing techniques, systems, tools and strategies so that one can do this, feed oneself, without it taking every waking moment of every day of the year!
I should also add that this is a project for a plant-based eating lifestyle. Balanced nutrition for a plant-based diet is central. It guides choosing what crops to grow, for example. The project is also a bit bigger than just growing food. It involves storing the harvest over winter, and even designing new cooking recipes.
I’m not there yet, but I am getting close. And I’m documenting my journey here.


1 What Are We Doing Exactly?
     The Goal
     The Challenge

     And why are we doing this exactly?

     A paradigm shift

2 In A Nutshell – Let’s Get Started


     Little Red Riding Hood

     You’ll need these things, no if’s ands or buts

3 What And When To Plant

     Early Season

     Full Season

     Late Season

     Fall and Over-winter

     Cover Crops

     Regeneration Rest

     Planting Rotation

4 Dirt

     What plants need

     What have you got?



     Protection : Mulch, Shade

     Plant food : Fertilizer

5 Economics – Time and Money
6 Machines. Structures, Tools
7 Intensive Gardening – The plant life cycle
8 Bugs
9 Living In The 21st Century
10 Grow Local – Crops / Bugs / Timing / Soil
11 The Garden Spirits
12 Beauty
13 Life Lessons
14 Winter Storage
15 Life Recipes